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My Second Post:

Planet Shape

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

Try to figure out how is our world now. The idea is simple and most people could imagine his home like a sphere inside the Milky way galaxy, but this concept evolve from long time ago.
Ancient philosophers described our world as a planar ground carried by titans below the skies.

Atlas titan
Photo by Jonathan Adrianzen from FreeImages

But even now some people still assure that the planet Earth is not rounded, not a sphere, and simple deny the knowledge from astronomy and science calculus. How can you proof the Earth shape?
A comfortable way to confront the deniers is letting them to explain their theory of how is our planet, and ask for proofs and how can explain phenomenons like:
a) Sea ships on the horizon: ships do not just appear out of the horizon (like if the world was flat), in fact looks like emerge from beneath the sea.
b) Lunar eclipse: it is said Aristotle was the first to notice the spherical Earth shape in the shadows during a lunar eclipse.
c) Star Constellations positions depends on place of sight: again Aristotle pointed out some stars were only visible from Egypt and were not found in other northern regions.
d) Shadows from different locations: shadows from long distance locations create different length shadows. Eratosthenes calculated the circumference of the Earth following this principle.
e) Higher you are, further you see.
f) In a plane, you can do a complete round-trip, and also is possible to check the curvature of the horizon if flying very high.
g) Earth time zones.
h) Other planets configuration, none flat.
i) Gravity and mass center.
j) Pictures from outer space.

The Solar System
Photo by Caltiva Creatividad from FreeImages

This is the first post on my new site. I’m just getting this new site going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.
Please comment here your point, explanation (not in the above list) about why the Earth is rounded/flat or your own believed shape.



All information is important if it is connected to another good one .

Umberto Eco (1932-2016)

What is the fundamental of the human being? There are multiple answers, choices of the questions, and depends on very different point of views about the human existence. Some could say that the most important is what they feel, the physical part, and other think about the spiritual part of human life. Be free to comment here your opinion.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA – seneka77 own collection – May 2019

The core of our existence is the features make us unique, so we could say our culture (that can include our knowledge and beliefs) is the fundamental of our life in the Earth.
What would be the feelings of living creatures from other galaxies if they visit and check our planet? Probably it would depends on their culture, and values.

Nowadays, inside the Information Epoch, the way the information is stored, refreshed, protected, coded and weighted determines the solutions, and also probably the UFO sensation if they meet the Earth.

Introducing seneka77 (brief history)

This is the original presentation of the author of this site, seneka77, to start the site with a little intro.

My biggest motivation is to share my interest and know other points of views in interesting topics.

Why do this?

  • Because it gives me a new vision and chances to learn from others readers
  • Because it could help people with similar interest, and could share ideas.

Main themes of this site should be about science, languages and computer science, but it could be possible to publish about very different issues. I’m a Computer Engineer and TEFL English certificate but also enjoy very different interests, music, recipes, travel, sports…

My primary goal is to provide useful information, help to others and interact with other users with new ideas.

My nickname seneka77 is a reminder of famous philosopher Lucius Annaeus Séneca, a man with high wisdom and writer of important pages of ethics and theatrical work. Please be free to share about your nickname history or favourite Séneca quotes. Cheers!

If a man knows not to which port he sails, no wind is favorable.

– L. A. Séneca (4-65 A.D.)