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All information is important if it is connected to another good one .

Umberto Eco (1932-2016)

What is the fundamental of the human being? There are multiple answers, choices of the questions, and depends on very different point of views about the human existence. Some could say that the most important is what they feel, the physical part, and other think about the spiritual part of human life. Be free to comment here your opinion.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA – seneka77 own collection – May 2019

The core of our existence is the features make us unique, so we could say our culture (that can include our knowledge and beliefs) is the fundamental of our life in the Earth.
What would be the feelings of living creatures from other galaxies if they visit and check our planet? Probably it would depends on their culture, and values.

Nowadays, inside the Information Epoch, the way the information is stored, refreshed, protected, coded and weighted determines the solutions, and also probably the UFO sensation if they meet the Earth.


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